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My January Bullet Journal Spreads

9th January 2020 4 min read
The intro page for my January bullet journal spreads

Happy January 🌟 Although I know it isn’t the first of the month, I wanted to bring a little monthly inspiration to this little blog by sharing my bullet journal spreads.

I’m always hunting out ideas from other blogs, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube, so it felt only fitting that I share my ideas here. Disclaimer; I’m no Picasso. These pages are not a work of art, they’re a little rough around the edges. But despite that, I’m pretty happy with their simplicity.

As this is my first bullet journal in some time, I’ve not included loads of pages. Just those I feel I’ll use. But as the year goes by my plan is to add and change the monthly pages out to suit how I use the journey, so I hope these monthly posts don’t get a bit too samey.

What are monthly bullet journal spreads?

So for any beginners out there, monthly bullet journal spreads – or monthly logs – are the pages you use to plan your month. Goals, plans, actions, tasks; everything you need to do that month goes into your monthly spreads. Like everything with the bullet journal, this can be as simple or complicated as you wish, but Ryder Carroll, the inventor of the bullet journal, does have some best practice ideas.

Intro page spread

This is my intro bullet journal spread for January.

So what do I have in my January monthly bullet journal spreads? The first is my intro page.

I think it’s always good to mark a new month with a big old ‘hello’. There’s not much to say about this spread other than it’s the word January with some flower and leaf doodles. You’ll see these crop up a lot this month because they’re pretty much all I can draw, but I hope to mix these intro pages up across the year so there’s plenty of variety.

January goals spread

Probably the most important spread for me is my January goals spread. I decided to goal set in my bullet journal this month using mind map approach.

I broke it down into each focus area for my wider 2020 goals: work, finances, home, blog, books and health, then broke it down further into what I wanted to achieve this month to get me to my bigger goal.

I found this helped me identify exactly what I wanted to achieve in the month. Every evening when I work through my journal I peek back at this to make sure the things I did that day got me further towards those goals. I then wrote these out neatly in my January 2020 goals blog post.

Monthly plan spread

My monthly plan bullet journal spread

This spread is the one that is most similar to a traditional diary or calendar. Here I note my activities for the month, spilt into all day, am and pm. As I work full-time, the all-day section is usually only filled in on weekends or when I have a day off.

I also added a column at the end where I write one good thing a day. I tried with a gratitude log in my last bullet journal and didn’t really get on with it, so this felt like a decent compromise. I’ve actually really enjoyed filling this in during the last few days, and it’s absolutely made me feel thankful for what I have, regardless of how stressed I’ve felt during the day.

Habit tracker spread

This is the final spread I created for January… a place to track my habits. These bullet journal spreads are super popular in the bujo community and for good reason, they paint an excellent picture of what a typical month is like.

On this spread I’ve added all the little things I can do every day to reach my goals for the month. So I have things like; walk 10,000 steps, read, exercise and clean. The aim isn’t to do things just to tick them off, it’s to track what you’re doing so you can review at the end of the month and make changes to increase activity if you need to. For example, if there’s loads of gaps in the ‘read’ section, I can think about how I can get more reading into my day. By taking a book on my commute rather than scrolling, for example.

I’m enjoying this spread a lot at the moment, and have been jotting ideas down for different things I can track in February. Not everything on here is something I want to do every single day – posting on this blog for example – but that’s ok, the spread is for you to flex as you wish.

So that’s it, my simple but effective bullet journal spreads for January! What have you included in your Jan bullet journal? Share your page ideas with me in the comments.



  • Jane 10th January 2020 at 12:02 pm

    Your journal looks fab, I love the way you have decorated it and set all your goals and plans for the month. I am just using a regular planner but am using it for lists of things to do along what I want to achieve that month. I am determined to keep it up this year too!

    • 11th January 2020 at 3:57 pm

      Aww thanks Jane 🙂 I’ve decided to try my own this year just to see if it helps my creativity! Lets see how it goes! I’m rooting for you to keep up to it too <3 xx

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