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My january 2020 Goals

1st January 2020 3 min read
My January 2020 goals

And just like that January is here. I can’t quite believe another festive season is over, it’s gone so bloody fast. I wanted to kick the year off with the first of a once-monthly series here on the blog that will be detailing my monthly goals.

My hope is that by writing my January goals down publicly, I’ll be more inclined to stick at what I need to do to achieve them.

As I said in my post about living with less, I’ve decided to keep my goals pretty streamlined this year so there isn’t that many to include here. What I have done, however, is broken each goal down into action steps that I know will help me achieve them.

So with that in mind, here are my January 2020 goals…

Lose 10lbs

My first goal is related to my weight loss journey. I’d really like to kick the year off with a good loss. To be honest, after a festive period of obsessive pigs in blanket consumption (who’s with me?), I’m so ready to get back got eating healthily.

I’ve already done my food plan and shop for this week so I have no excuses apart from my own will power. In order to reach a 10lb weight loss, these are the weekly and daily actions I’ll need to take…

Weekly actions

  • Put exercise in my diary
  • Exercise at least three times a week
  • Meal plan and food shop
  • Go to Slimming World class

Daily actions

  • Make lunch for the next day
  • Eat breakfast
  • Drink 2ltrs of water
  • 10,000 steps a day
  • Track all these actions
  • Share journey on Instagram stories (follow me @livingwithbalanceuk)

Start decluttering the house

One of the things I’m determined to do this year is simplify the way we live. And one of the things that means is having less stuff. This isn’t something I think I can do overnight, but I’m determined to finish the year with half the amount of things in our house.

So for January, I want to make a genuine start by decluttering three areas; the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and wardrobe. My plan is to focus on one place each weekend.

Weekly actions

  • Put the area I’ll be decluttering in my diary and block time out to do it
  • Take items to be donated to the charity shop every Saturday
  • Carry out the decluttering and get Carl (my husband) involved to help

Daily actions

  • Once an area is decluttered, make sure it is kept tidy every day
  • Don’t add more mess to the house

Launch Living with Balance

Although I’ve been sporadically working on this blog for some time, I haven’t actually gone public with it yet. My goal from today is to do launch it and try not to shit my pants in the process.

I’m actually feeling really positive about this little corner of the internet, and I’m looking forward to sticking with it in 2020.

Weekly actions

  • Add Living with Balance to my Instagram and Twitter bios
  • Post 2 x blog posts a week
  • Join the Grow and Glow Facebook group (been a member of this fab community for a while and still haven’t joined the group)

Daily actions

  • Show up on social media every day – post and interact
  • Pin x 5 a day

Read five books

This one is exactly as it looks, I want to read five books this month. I won’t be adding daily and weekly actions here as they are pretty self explanatory but I’ll be using bedtime and my commute to get my reading in.

So that’s my January goals! What are yours?


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