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My 2020 bullet journal

27th December 2019 5 min read
my 2020 bullet journal

I know it’s not *really* a unique organisation system these days, but I’ve decided that 2020 is going to be the year I start bullet journalling again.

Over the last few years I’ve been over-engineering my planning and goal setting a little bit. And in a bid to make the next 12 months a year of less, I decided I needed a planning system that also supported this ethos.

So, out with the power sheets and happiness planner, and in with the humble bullet journal. I’m pretty excited to be using one again tbh, and I’m hoping to share my journey here on the blog, starting with what I’ve included in mine.

What is a bullet journal?

So for those of you that don’t know, a bullet journal is more of a concept than a *thing*.

Essentially it’s a system by which you can organise your life using different spreads. There are some which the creator Ryder Carroll suggests everyone does, but the real joy of the system is that you can completely tailor it to your life and needs.

You don’t have to buy a specific notebook or planner to do it, any old notebook you have will do. The official bullet journal and the leuchtturm 1917 (what I use) are preferred by the online bullet journalling community but you absolutely don’t have to shell out for either if you don’t want or can’t afford to.

I’m starting to realise that this isn’t that easy to explain so I’ll leave it to the experts. Watch this video to get the full low down on what the system entails.

Where did I start with my 2020 bullet journal?

The first thing I did was choose my notebook and pens. Like I said before, you absolutely don’t need any fancy kit to do this – a reporters notebook and biro would still work – but I wanted it to be a bit of a creative outlet.

I chose the Leuchtturm 1917, dot grid in berry from Amazon for £12.99 as my note book. This is A5 in size which is perfect for carrying in my handbag and the quality is excellent.

I also bought a selection of pens to use in the notebook including:

And that’s it, other people use rulers, mechanical pencils, rubbers etc. but I’ve set all mine up freehand using just these bits of stationery.

Planning your 2020 bullet journal spreads

Once I gathered all the kit together, I decided to plan out the spreads I wanted to include. This is where Pinterest became my best friend. There’s so much inspiration on that site so I created a board, and just started pinning.

YouTube is also a haven for bullet journal inspiration so I suggest you check that out before putting pen to paper.

how I planned out my 2020 bullet journal spreads

Once I had some ideas of what spreads I wanted to include, I mapped them out on a plain sheet of paper so I knew exactly what I wanted to create in my new bullet journal.

My 2020 bullet journal spreads

So now we’re at the good bit, what I’ve included in my 2020 bullet journal.

Inspiration for my 2020 bullet journal key
A close up of my 2020 bullet journal key


I started with a key which is an integral part of the bullet journal systems and is how I’ll be categorising the information I put in my journal. People usually just have one symbol for each thing but as I can be prone to changing depending on my mood, I’ve included two different kinds in mine. This particular design was inspired by Amanda Rach Lee.

my 2020 bullet journal
the brain dump page in my 2020 bullet journal

Title page and brain dump

Next is a page dedicated to the year which I think is just a nice pretty marker. As well as this I’ve added a brain dump spread which is where I’ll jot down any ideas that spring to mind. I’m hoping this will stop me creating five new notes in my iPhone every day that I never go back and read.

Future log

Another bullet journal staple, this is where I record important things that are coming up in the year. I’ll probably still use my iCalendar for appointments, but this is a nice way to see things at first glance, rather than having to click on each day to see what I’ve got going on. It’ll be interesting to see how much use this actually gets.

my 2020 bullet journal future log and goals spreads
my bullet journal 2020 goals spread

2020 goals

I’m going to do a separate post on my goals for the year but I’ve also included a spread in here which marks down my goals. I’ve gone quite simple for 2020 and it was incredible to just write down the things that really matter, rather than spend ages crafting loads of goals that I can’t really achieve.

Books to read bullet journal spread
Books I've read spread in bullet journal
books I've read and places we've been spreads bullet journal

Books, places and things

Next I included a couple of spreads to mark down recommendations for books, films, podcasts and tv shows. I’m forever screen shorting instagram stories, tweets and blog posts, as well as writing podcast suggestions and things my friends have recommended to me in the notes app on my phone. I’m hoping having all these things in one place will help me when I’m looking for a new thing to watch, read or listen to. I’ve also included a log of the books I have read, as well as a spread to note down all the new places Carl and I visit.

Wishlist and blog ideas

Finally, I’ve created a wishlist space for things I want to buy but am putting off until I can afford it, as well as a page for blog post ideas.

2020 bullet journal inspiration

I hope this has given you a bit of inspiration for what you could include inside your own 2020 bullet journal, but if you’re still up for more, here are a few people that inspired me…

So that’s my bullet journal set-up for 2020. As my health and fitness journey is going to be a BIG part of 2020, I’ve set up a different journal dedicated solely to tracking that which I’ll be sharing more of soon.

In the meantime, I hope you’ve enjoyed this! Let me know your bullet journal inspo ideas in the comments!


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