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What Simple Living Means to me

14th October 2019 4 min read

Documenting my journey towards a life that’s more simple is one of the reasons I started this blog. From decluttering my overpacked rented house to choosing more seasonal food when I’m cooking, I’m really determined to put the Maccies down and pick the self-improvement books up over the next 12 months.

My journey hasn’t even started yet – frankly I’ve done little else but think about it (shocker) – but I’m starting to pick apart what it might look like. So what does simple living mean to me? Here are some the main things I hope to get out of this new way of life.

Building a savings account

I’m ashamed to admit that I’m about as good at saving money as I am at whipping up a freshly baked loaf of bread on a Sunday morning.

In other words, I’m crap.

I still manage to spend my time moaning that we don’t have the things we ‘should’ have as a 30-something married couple though.

You know, like an owned house, a kitchen island, a screaming baby, a Dyson.

Yet we only have ourselves to blame, every penny we could have saved for a house deposit or a snazzy vacuum cleaner we’ve spent on Pizza Express, ASOS hauls, Disney holidays and a million trips to the shop for milk that ended in a £25 bill at the till.

But we’re not getting any younger and we do want to settle down one day before my husband is 40.

And the best way to do that?

Stop spunking money up the wall and start a savings account.

We’re not going to turn into impassioned savers over night, but I’m hopeful that by the end of 2020 we’ll at least be able to afford a Dyson from what we’ve saved.

Healthy Homemade Food

I don’t know about you but I ALWAYS have good intentions to stick to a meal plan.

We’re talking grand ideas to cook wonderfully intricate meals from scratch when I get home from work.

Well it never normally happens because life is just too chaotic and my meal ideas are always too complicated.

I want to bring it all back to healthy and delicious meals that are – above all – simple. It’s my aim to discover my love of cooking again over the next year and I think it’s probably best to start with the classics.

Space and time to be creative

I mentioned in my very first post on this blog that I’ve started and ended many blogs in my lifetime.

Although I’m very proud to have kept Walk in the Parks – the theme park blog I write with my husband – going for as long as we have, our effort has been sporadic at best.

Why? Because we tend to post in the moment. We don’t have a set schedule, or the set time to dedicate to posting multiple times a month or week.

I’m hoping with a slower pace at home, I’ll have more time to get my creative juices flowing. Wether that’s by updating on this blog, reading more books, colouring in, crafting candles or anything in-between. More time sat doing something other than scrolling Twitter will be time well spent.

Exercise on my own terms

At the beginning of 2019 I moved house and therefore gave up a group personal training session I’d been having for a number of years.

I used to love my weekly sessions, I felt strong and tough and fit – regardless of my weight fluctuating up and down.

Since then I’ve done very little exercise that isn’t swimming or walking and I’d really like to get back to feeling strong again.

As part of our dedication to start saving I don’t want to pay for wan expensive gym membership. So I’ll be looking to free youtube exercise channels to build my fitness up, with maybe a weekly gym session for the weights. We’ll see.

Living by the seasons

I’ve always been into the idea that seasons are the blueprint for our lives. To me, it makes total sense to adjust your daily activity to mirror the seasonal shifts we experience here in blighty.

Take autumn as an example, it’s the season of hibernation, cooler weather, darker nights, back to school, Halloween, bonfire night, bare trees and conkers. Some of the things I might want to do in October that I’m not fussed for in June are:

  • Organise office and get paperwork in order
  • Cook at least one new slow cooker recipe a week
  • Dedicate time to curling up with a book
  • Spend quality ‘couple time’ at the local village bonfire

You get the picture. Not sure if it’ll work but I like the premise and I’ll report back with how it goes.

So that’s it, what simple living means to me as I embark on my journey. A few months in I’ll revisit this list to see if the reality is different.

What does simple living mean to you? Leave your thoughts in the comments!


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